Raspberry Zinc Sunpaste • 100ml


Organic body care

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Give your body what it needs and leave out everything that's unnecessary.


Herbal Hair Wash • variable

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Herbal Facial Scrub • 60ml



Shea Deodorant Cream • 50ml



Olive Body Wash • 200ml



Bentonite Clay Toothpaste • variable

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Sample the Goodness Testers • 10ml



DIY Kits • variable

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Organic & mindful

Manufactured in small batches with care and love by Kaia, every single product gets a lot of attention and besides the highest quality organic ingredients, that makes them so special; you can literally feel it! Scroll down to check out all our amazing range...!

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Why not making your own...?!

Take your body care into your own hands by learning step-by-step how to make your own Shea Deodorant Cream or Raspberry Zinc Sunpaste by following our magical recipe! With the DIY Kit, you'll get an original product & all the ingredients to create 2x refills, plus a complimentary tester filled with any of our products...! That's just unbeatable.

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